Persona Edit

Persona is an alternate display image for your Espers. Aurora Phillips renders the crystal waves into a visual representation of each Esper, and recently, she's been creating alternate versions for the EsperCorp Store. Personas can be purchased with tokens and are Esper-specific. Special Personas can also be obtained after defeating Alpha Espers, though the chances are slim. Trading Espers with Personas is also possible, but the Persona isn't permanent that way (you don't get ownership and you can't put it on another Esper).

Currently available Personas Edit

  • Knight Ascalon
  • Burglar Azeban
  • Tesla Cottle
  • Astral Delphi
  • Librarian Glaucus
  • Heraldic Iris
  • Tuxedo Korora
  • Fluorescent Kukay
  • Sock Monna
  • Cyberfox Mozzy
  • Victorian Piccio
  • Grad Ratatosk
  • Plague Rattox
  • Firefighter Sakunam
  • Heraldic Thrakos
  • Sheepish Varg
  • Hot Air Winglet
  • Heraldic Wyvern
  • Red Lilyfly