ALPHA Espers Edit

Alpha Espers Edit

Recently, new types of Espers where discovered. These powerful, yet unstable Espers are now known as Alpha Espers. Due to their unstable energy, these Espers can't be bonded by any crystal. Their high stats make them a real challenge to beat, but doing so is very rewarding. Agents can recognize the presence of an Alpha Esper by a blip with a red star on the radar of their ANCHOR device. The level of the Alpha Esper reflects the highest level Esper an agent owns.

Types of Alpha Espers Edit

When agents started seeing Alpha Espers on their radar, agent Astel82 (with assistance of other agents) concluded that there were 4 types of Alpha Espers:

  1. Single Alpha
    This type of Alpha appears on it's own, it's high stats will make it hard to beat.
  2. Multiple Alpha
    Two or more Alpha's at once. Each Alpha's stats are lower than the stats of a Single Alpha, but they're still hard to beat. Only the first Alpha will be shown on radar, so the other Alpha(s) will come as a surprise.
  3. Alpha with minions (same specie)
    This Alpha is weaker than the Single Alpha, but will produce one or more minions of the same specie. These minions have normal stats, but can still be hard to beat them all.
  4. Alpha with minions (different species)
    Actually the same as above, but the minions are of different species. Sometimes the minions will have the same Element as strength (could be regarded as a different type of Alpha), but don't count on it too much.

Alpha Persona Edit

Next to the rewarding items, there is a minute chance the Alpha Esper will leave it's Persona behind. When picked up, you get to own that Persona and can use it on your own Esper of that species. The chance of obtaining an Alpha Persona is 10%, or 1 in 10.